Trainwreck with Amy Schumer: Not Exactly What You’d Expect

Let’s talk about Trainwreck, starring Amy Schumer. This is a story of a movie that one would assume that they know exactly what to expect from, but may find themselves surprised. Prior to watching the movie, I imagined the massive number of people who likely placed a call to Sky customer services to complain about the vile jokes and language. While I feel certain that some of those calls were made, the number was probably not massive. Why? Trainwreck does not deliver the goods for fans of the over-the-top actress.

The movie does delivery some predictability. At its base level, it is a love story. Girl meets boy, things do not go smoothly, and things manage to work themselves out in the end. Movies that follow this theme have been around since the beginning of time, it seems. However, here, it is actually the woman that has problems with commitment, rather than the man (which is typically the case). Schumer’s love interest (Bill Hader) is a nice guy. You know, the once that is good enough to take home to meet the parents? Certainly, no one would be calling the Sky contact number to complain about this fellow.


So, where do things start to differ? It isn’t the movie so much as the character played by Schumer. Fans of the actress may find the character too vanilla. Sure, there is some level of raunchiness that may prompt some parents to contact Sky and complain that their teenager was able to access a movie that was rated R (there is also an unrated version), but most adults who are familiar with the access will not be quite sure what to make of this less abrasive character. Quite possibly, some will be quite disappointed by this fact.

I will admit to not reading any Trainwreck reviews until after I had watched the movie. If I had, I would have realized that most of the negative reviews come from people who wanted the movie to be even crasser than it was. I also admit to having to call the Sky contact number to make changes to my parental settings (despite the movie being less shocking than I expected, it is still not safe for children or teens). Fortunately, Sky customer services were able to help me make the setting changes in no time. I suppose I could have done it myself, but thought it was better to go directly to someone who was actually knowledgeable about such things.

At the end of the day, Trainwreck delivers some laughs, along with a story line that is completely flipped from what we normally see. Schumer delivers several well-written jokes, and most people with a sense of humor will chuckle a few times. I, myself, did get a few laughs out of two plus hour long movie. So, what is the final word? Put down the phone. You won’t need to call the Sky contact number to complain, provided that you know what to expect from this one – nudity, sex, crass jokes – all packaged in a slightly unusual love story.